Extra Yarn

Extra Yarn.jpg

Title: Extra Yarn

Author: Mac Barnett

Illustrator: Jon Klassen


Annabelle lives in a cold, little town where everything is either the white of snow or the black of chimney soot. She finds a box filled with yarn of every color. She knits a sweater for herself and for her dog. Soon she knits a sweater for everyone in her class and in her town. She knits sweaters for animals and houses and still she has extra yarn. One day, an archduke arrived in town and demanded to buy the yarn that never ran out. She refused to sell it, but later that night he robbed the yarn from her home. He went home, opened the box of yarn, and found it empty. He angrily threw it out the window into the ocean, where it traveled back to the little town and found its way back to Annabelle, full of colorful extra yarn.

Curriculum Connections:


Metaphorical illustrations


Literary refrains

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