The Water Princess

The Water Princess

Title: The Water Princess

Author: Susan Verde

Illustrated By: Peter H. Reynolds


Princess Gie Gie’s African kingdom is vast and beautiful.  She plays with the wind, dances with the tall grasses and sings with the wild dogs.  Her kingdom is precious to her, but there is one thing that will not do her bidding.  She cannot get water to listen to her!  No matter how often she begs or sweetly she pleads, the clear water refuses to come to her village.  Each morning, before the sun rises, Princess Gie Gie and her mother start the trek to find clay-filled water.  They sing, dance, laugh and find joy in one another’s company.  The journey back home is long and tiring, and each night Princess Gie Gie dreams of a day where the elusive, clear water will flow to her kingdom.

Curriculum Connections:


Family Structures

Making Comparisons



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