Different Kinds of Soil

Different Kinds of Soil

Title: Different Types of Soil

Author:  Molly Aloian


We knew you couldn’t get enough!  You want to dig deeper into learning about soil don’t you?  From the Everybody Digs Soil series by Crabtree Publishing comes another great book to satisfy your curiosity about the second most important living area on the planet (second only to the ocean).  This book details each layer of soil with rich photographs, important facts, and suggestions for your own soil explorations.  How is acid rain related to soil?  What is loam and why do gardeners love it?  How does climate in different parts of the world affect soil?  Get the answers to these and dozens more questions about the important role of soil in our world.

Curriculum Connections:

Earth Science:

Soil variety and composition

Plant and animal diversity

Social Studies:

Comparing the past to the present – use of soil

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