How is Soil Made?

How is Soil made

Title: How is Soil Made?

Author:  Heather L. Montgomery


Everyone digs soil right?  Although some people may call it dirt, soil is a mixture of living and non-living material, so it is not “dirt.”  But, how is this living mixture made?  Take rock and add thousands of years of weathering, a bit of air, water, and organic matter, and presto…you’ve got soil!  This book is one of the most comprehensive, photo-filled, informative books on the topic of soil geared towards kids that we have come across.  Readers will learn that thousands of different types of soil cover our planet.  The age of rock, types of minerals, and sizes of soil pieces all make one mixture of soil different from another.  All forms of life live in, contribute to, and need soil to survive.  How Soil is Made dives into the benefits of soil, how it is formed, and what we can do to ensure that we continue to have healthy soil for generations to come.  Scoop up this book today!

Curriculum Connections:

Earth Science:

     Soil variety

Wind and water changing the land

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