I’m a Frog!

Im a Frog

Title: I’m a Frog!

Author:  Mo Willems


One day, Piggie starts making a strange sound- “ribbit!”  Gerald is confused and asks Piggie what she is doing.  When she answers that she became a frog five minutes ago, Gerald becomes very worried that he might just turn into a frog too!  He doesn’t like to eat flies, and he doesn’t want to hop around all day! Just as Gerald is about to blow his trunk, Piggie tells him that she is pretending, and that he can do it too.  But Gerald doesn’t like the idea of pretending to be a frog, so what will he be?  I’m a Frog can be a cute and funny introduction to the exploration of a frog’s life cycle, or just a dose of daily silly to share with a friend.

Curriculum Connections:

Predicting outcomes


Science- life cycles

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