Title: Seeds

Author: Rachel Matthews


After going nuts for April Pulley Sayre’s book, Let’s Go Nuts!  The Seeds We Eat, readers will want to learn more about these awesome plant parts, so share the book Seeds by Rachel Matthews with them, and build on the topic.  Readers will be encouraged to explore seeds by participating in the engaging activities suggested and illustrated in the book.  Do different sizes of seeds make different sounds when shaken inside of a container?  A close-up photograph of the inside of a seed gives greater understanding of the life cycle of a plant.  Readers will learn how to grow a plant from a seed and how to use seeds to make a seedcake that the birds will love!  Other titles in the Little Hands series include: Leaves, Flowers, Fruit, Water, and Sand.

Curriculum Connections:

Life Science

Plant life cycle


Plant structures and their functions

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