Money: Let’s Do Math

Money Lets Do Math

Title: Money:  Let’s Do Math

Authors:  Sara Pistoia and Piper Whelan


This interactive brightly illustrated nonfiction picture book will teach readers how we use money, what coins are worth, and how to count them.  You have eighty cents.  Will that be enough to buy the piece of candy in the book?  A bear is for sale.  What coin will you need to add to your bank so that you can buy the bear?  Learn, count, and play along!  This book also features an online code that can be used to access audio and video clips, word activities, and quizzes.  Other books in the Let’s Do Math series include Counting, Fractions, Graphs, Measurements, Patterns, Shapes, and Time.

Curriculum Connections:

Counting by ones, fives, and tens

Solving real-world problems involving addition and subtraction

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