Pip’s Trip

Pips Trip

Title: Pip’s Trip

Author: Janet Morgan Stoeke


Midge, Pip, and Dot are hens that live on Loopy Coop Farm.  They are good friends who watch the farmer leave and come back every day in his truck.  Pip wonders where the farmer goes, and tries to talk her friends into getting in the back of the truck to find out.  Midge and Dot may not be ready to explore life outside of the farm, but Pip wants to see the “wide world,” and jumps in the back of the truck, hides, and waits.  The truck is scary and loud, but Pip is brave. The funny twist is…the truck never goes anywhere!  Go along for the ride and see what Pip sees!

Curriculum Connections:

Making and confirming predictions

Relationship between illustrations and text

Compare and contrast adventures and experiences of characters in stories

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