Leave Me Alone!

Leave Me Alone

Title:  Leave Me Alone!

Author:  Vera Brosgol


Leave Me Alone! is the story of an old woman who lives in a small house with her many, many grandchildren. Winter is fast approaching, but she finds she cannot knit sweaters in a house full of rambunctious children. So, one day, she finishes her housework, packs up her things, and leaves. She tries to knit in the forest, but a family of bears interrupts her. She tries to knit on the mountainside, but the mountain goats begin to eat her yarn. Try as she might, she cannot find a quiet and peaceful place to knit her sweaters. Does such a place exist? And can she find it before winter comes? Leave Me Alone! is a delightful story that has the feel of a fairy tale or folk tale. The story establishes a rhythm early on, and the repeated cry of “Leave me alone!” is the perfect invitation for readers to shout along with the old woman. Brosgol’s illustrations are full of charm and humor, and her style is reminiscent of illustrator Scott Campbell. This book is an all-around great read.

Curriculum Connections

Cause and effect

Predicting outcomes



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