Chu’s Day

Chus Day

Title:  Chu’s Day

Author:  Neil Gaiman

Illustrator:  Adam Rex


Chu’s Day begins with an ominous warning from our narrator: “When Chu sneezed, bad things happened.” Chu’s day starts calmly enough when his mother takes him on a trip to the library. But as dust from the books scatters in the air, Chu’s nose begins that tell-tale twitch. “‘Are you going to sneeze?'” his mother asks. “‘No,'” Chu replies. There is another close call when his father takes him to a diner where fresh pepper is being ground. Chu ends his day at the circus, where he finally sneezes, leading to a hilarious chain of disasters. Chu’s Day is one of my favorite stories. The story moves quickly, and the repetitive text makes it easy for younger readers to join in. Adam Rex’s illustrations are gorgeous and full of lush colors, like a painting you’d like to step into and visit for a day. Rex gives each of the many animals in this book character and personality through their facial expressions alone. This is a must read for fans of either Gaiman or Rex.

Curriculum Connections:


Cause and effect

Predicting outcomes

Sentence structure and types

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