Dog on a Frog?

Dog on a Frog

Title:  Dog on a Frog?

Authors:  Kes Gray and Claire Gray

Illustrator:  Jim Field


Dog on a Frog? starts where Frog on a Log? ends: with a dog sitting happily on a frog. The frog, however, is not quite fond of the arrangement. He decides to make his own set of rules for who can sit on what. “Dogs sit on logs,” the frog declares, and “cats sit on gnats.” Bears are assigned to the stairs and the poor whales are relegated to a bed of nails. Dog on a Frog? is very similar to Frog on a Log?, and this lack of originality is its biggest weakness. However, it maintains the humor and tongue twisted text of its predecessor. Jim Field’s illustrations are again perfectly suited to the mood of the text and are guaranteed to make readers laugh. It’s well worth a read, especially if you enjoyed Frog on a Log?.

Curriculum Connections:


Rhyming sounds


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