Frog on a Log?

Frog on a log

Title:  Frog on a Log?

Author:  Kes Gray

Illustrator:  Jim Field


Frog on a Log? begins with a rather bossy cat ordering a frog to sit on a log. The frog protests: “Logs are all hard and uncomfortable.” But the cat insists: “You’re a frog, so you must sit on a log.” What follows is a lesson on animals and what they absolutely must sit on. Foxes, for example, sit on boxes while goats sit on coats. This clever story about words that rhyme is a lot of fun to read aloud, and grown-ups will find humor in the cat’s wry commentary. The illustrations are bright and funny and complement the text perfectly. Wide-eyed parrots sit comfortably on a towering pile of carrots, and tiny fleas happily roll along on peas.

Curriculum Connections:

Rhyming rounds



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