Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

Mr Tiger Goes Wild

Title:  Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

Author:  Peter Brown


Mr. Tiger lives in a very proper world where every animal walks upright and behaves with perfect etiquette. The societal restrictions wear on him, and he finds he has an uncontrollable desire to go wild. So, he begins to walk on all fours and ditches his suit. Eventually, he escapes the city altogether, preferring to live in the untamed wilderness. But this turns out to be a lonely life, and Mr. Tiger misses his friends. Can he find a way to be happy in the city? Mr. Tiger Goes Wild is a funny tale about finding balance in life. The illustrations are noteworthy for their use of color; the city is done in drab shades of brown and gray, while Mr. Tiger’s fur is bright orange and the wilderness is filled with lush greens and bright blues.

Curriculum Connections:

Animal behaviors



Making comparisons

Problem solving

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