Sheep in a Shop

Sheep in a shop

Title: Sheep in a Shop

Author: Nancy Shaw

Illustrator: Margot Apple


The sheep are getting ready for a birthday party!  To plan for the big day, they must go shopping for a special present for the birthday sheep.  Will they choose an airplane?  A jacket with lots of pockets?  Or, perhaps a beach ball with colorful ribbon?  When the choice is finally made, the sheep are perplexed.  There is not enough money in the piggy bank for the present!  Sheep put their curly heads together and come up with a clever swap to save the party and celebrate a friend’s special day.  Nancy Shaw’s sheep are always a hit with little and big kids, as their message is delivered in clever rhyme, and they learn something together every time!

Curriculum Connections:

Economy and money

Goods and services

Needs and wants


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