What Shape is the Moon?

What Shape is the Moon


Title: What Shape is the Moon?

Author: Bo-hyeon Seo

Illustrator:  Jeong-hyeon Sohn


A wild boar says that the moon looks exactly like half of a watermelon, but the bear disagrees and says that clearly, it is thin and curved like a bent leaf. Each one of the friends in the forest describes a different shape for the moon, and they all think they were right.  After arguing about it for a while, a stork interrupts them and says that she has seen every shape the friends have described.  The little owl suggests that they wait for the moon to rise to see who is right.  What is the real shape of the moon?  Learn about the appearance of the moon and the pattern it follows by reading What Shape is the Moon?

Curriculum Connections:

Earth science

Scientific observation

Scientific inquiry


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