Yak and Gnu

Yak and Gnu

Title:  Yak and Gnu

Author:  Juliette MacIver

Illustrator:  Cat Chapman

Yak and Gnu are the best of friends, and one day they decide to sail the sea. Yak has a kayak that’s blackberry black. Gnu has a canoe that is blueberry blue. And they both “sing a sea song that’s sung by two.” They believe they are the only ones who can sail the sea, but when they encounter other animals on the water, including a goat on a boat and a calf on a raft, they fear they might not be as unique as they once thought. But does it really matter when they have each other? Yak and Gnu is a delightful, book-long tongue twister featuring lots of rather rare vocabulary words, like catamaran and flotilla. This is a must read for anyone who loves language.

Curriculum Connections:

Collective nouns

Rhyming sounds

Types of sentences


Vowel sounds

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