Mr. Ferris and His Wheel


Title: Mr. Ferris and His Wheel

Author: Kathryn Gibbs Davis

Illustrator:  Gilbert Ford


Months away from the 1893 Chicago’s World Fair, America was hoping to impress the world after Paris showcased the Eiffel Tower at the last World’s Fair. A nationwide contest was opened and submissions came pouring in for the next great structure. George Ferris Jr. began working on plans for a structure that did not just stand, but move. The construction chief of the fair did not have faith that George’s attraction would work, but with only a few months left before the fair, they agreed to give his idea a try. Running out of time, George had to secure funding and begin building on frozen ground and quicksand. George was able to complete the wheel in time for the fair and take the first ride. The Ferris Wheel was a success, giving 1.5 million passengers a ride during its time at the Chicago’s World Fair.

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