Roberto, the Insect Architect

Roberto the Insect Architect

Title: Roberto, The Insect Architect

Author: Nina Laden


Roberto was not your typical termite.  He loved wood- but not to eat- to build buildings with like an architect!  Instead of eating his dinner, he would stack his oak planks to the ceiling, attempting to build the tallest most magnificent tower ever. Roberto’s family members did not understand him.  They thought he should be a chef.  Roberto went to live in the big city so that he could pursue his dreams of becoming a famous architect.  The big city was a tough place where Roberto met a lot of other insects who needed help. He realized that he could use his talents to build homes specifically for his new friends.  The homes he built were a hit, and Roberto enjoyed the success of a creative career doing what he loved.

Curriculum Connections:

Engineering and architecture


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