Rubber vs. Glass

Rubber vs Glass

Title: Rubber vs. Glass

Author: Lawrence F. Lowery

Illustrator:  Phil Smith


Twins Bill and Mary are headed to a glass factory for a field trip, but before their trip, they engage in a friendly debate on which material is better—rubber or glass.  On the way to school, they peer into the window of a sports store where many things are made of rubber.  Bill points out how rubber is waterproof and can bounce and float.  Mary shows Bill that her glass marble can bounce, and tells him of a fisherman she saw using glass floats to hold up his fishing net.  They continue their debate as they look out the window of the bus on the way to the glass factory.  What they observe on their journey to the glass factory as well as what they learn while there teaches both of them that glass and rubber have similar properties, although they are different substances.

Rubber vs. Glass is part of the I Wonder Why book series, published by the National Science Teachers Association to encourage curiosity and critical thinking.

Curriculum Connections:

Physical science- characteristics and properties of matter

Engineering- choosing the right materials for a job or project

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