Next Time You See the Moon

Next Time You See the Moon

Title: Next Time You See the Moon 

Author:  Emily Morgan 


From the National Science Teachers Association comes Next Time You See the Moon, by Emily Morgan.  As part of the Next Time You See series, this book inspires young people to experience the enchantment of everyday phenomena.  With vivid photographs and thorough explanations, readers learn why the moon looks different throughout the month, why we sometimes see the moon during the daytime, where the moon gets its light, and how we can predict the shape of the moon on someone’s birthday one thousand years from now.  A lunar phase simulator, moon calendar, and other downloadable classroom activities compliment the book at this website:  Other books in the series explore the sunset, seashells, fireflies, maple seeds, and more. 

Curriculum Connections:  

Earth science: Patterns of the moon and moon phases 

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