Hiding Phil


Title:  Hiding Phil 

Author: Eric Barclay 


If a bunch of kids found an elephant, what would they do with it?  Teach him to jump rope, play seesaw, and give him a bath- of course! After having fun with Phil, the found elephant, the kids realize that Mom and Dad may not love having a huge elephant around the house.  So, the kids get to work devising a way to disguise Phil.  He won’t fit in the dog house, he can’t stay in the leaf pile, but will a big sheet painted to look like a clubhouse hide Phil successfully?  Mom and Dad may be too smart to fall for the kids’ camouflage and Phil might have to leave.  If only everyone loved Phil as much as the kids did, maybe he could stay.  Share this cute story with an imaginative thinker and find out what fun Hiding Phil can be!

Curriculum Connections:

Story sequence


Imaginative thinking

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