How Big is a Foot?

How big is a foot

Title: How Big is a Foot?

Author: Rolf Myller 


Standardized measurement hasn’t been around forever and can make things pretty complicated.   In How Big is a Foot, the King wants to get a bed for the Queen…but doesn’t know where to start, because no one knows how big a bed is.   This book will show students the need for standard units of measurement and the tools needed to get accurate measurements.    

After reading the book, have students trace their feet and then measure their desks or the room by using their individual feet as the unit of measurement.   Compare the differences and discuss ways to get accurate measurements.   For added fun, have paper representations of the feet of various animals or sports stars, and measure how many “Shaq feet” from the classroom to the cafeteria versus how many dog feet.    

 Curriculum Connections:  

Comparing and contrasting 

Measurement -standard and non-standard 


Computational thinking 

Problem solving 

Scale, proportion and quantity 


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