What Will the Weather Be?

What will the weather be

Title:  What Will the Weather Be?

Author: Lynda DeWitt

Illustrator:  Carolyn Croll


This is the perfect book for meeting 2nd grade standards for earth science and weather.  What Will the Weather Be?  introduces readers to weather, weather patterns, and meteorology.  With fun, colorful illustrations to enhance understanding, the book explains the tools meteorologists use to study the weather, which helps them to predict what kind of weather may be coming.  Changes in the weather cannot always be predicted, so we learn why not all forecasts are right.  With the use of modern technology and continued study of weather conditions, we can usually depend on the forecast when we wonder, “What will the weather be?”

Curriculum Connections:

Earth science- weather and weather patterns

Science and experimenting- using the correct tools for the job

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