Experiments with Heating and Cooling

Experiments with heating and cooling

Title:  Experiments with Heating and Cooling

Author: Isabel Thomas


A fabulous book in the engaging Read and Experiment series, Experiments with Heating and Cooling will have children exploring the world as scientists.  Each book starts out with an explanation of why we experiment.  Children learn that in order to answer questions and solve problems, scientists carefully plan experiments.  Then, they use all of their senses to observe results and work out what those results mean.  The book gives step-by-step detailed instructions with illustrations for children to try four different experiments.  At the end of the experiment, conclusions and explanations are made, and a connection to the next experiment is introduced. When children finish the four experiments in the book, they are encouraged to plan their next experiment by posing a question they want to answer like, “Does a material weigh the same after it changes state?”  A glossary, related books, and a Fact Hound web search code is also included to expand understanding and continue exploration.

Curriculum Connections:

Scientific inquiry

Physical science- states of matter

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