Make it Change!

Make it Change cover

Title:  Make it Change!

Author: Anna Claybourne

Illustrator:  Kimberley Scott and Venetia Dean


Have you ever observed food change and turn moldy? If you like to experiment with making things change, then this book if for you!  Learn to make your own butter from cream, and then find out why the change happens.  Put on your science goggles and turn a penny green, explode a volcano, or tie a chicken bone in a knot!  Make it Change fully illustrates and explains how to conduct thirteen science experiments, explains what makes them happen, and suggests extensions for each experiment.  A glossary defines important words at the end of the book, and a page with suggestions for further reading and website exploration is also included.  Other titles in the series are Make it Boom!  Make it Zoom!  Make it Glow! Make it Grow! and Make it Splash!

Curriculum Connections:

Physical science

Properties of matter

Heating and cooling experiments

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