The Turnip

The Turnip

Title:  The Turnip

Author: Jan Brett


A sweet, classic story from Jan Brett, The Turnip is a tale of a giant turnip growing in a vegetable garden and the friends who try to pull it up.  Badger girl would love to make some turnip soup out of the giant turnip, and Mother Badger would love to make yummy turnip pancakes browned in butter.  One by one the badger family lines up to tug on the turnip.  As it begins to snow and the ground begins to harden, everyone worries that the turnip will be stuck in the ground, and their dreams of a yummy turnip treat will be no more.  Other friends come by and try to help, but they can’t get it to budge.  The last friend to come and attempt to pull it out is rooster.  He is very confident about being able to free the huge root vegetable.  Can he do it?

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