Seed Power: Discovering How Plants Grow

Seed Power

Title:  Seed Power:  Discovering How Plants Grow

Author: Anna Prokos

Illustrator:  Dave Clegg


This informational picture books starts out with the main character, Connor, worried that because he swallowed a watermelon seed, one will grow in his belly.  Suddenly, Connor and readers are transported to a watermelon farm where a farmer shows how seeds are sown into the soil, and what else is needed for a plant to grow.  Connor ends up back at the watermelon contest as it is ending, and the remainder of the book consists of smartly illustrated Fact Files on topics like What is a Seed?  and Do all Plants Grow From Seeds? An avocado experiment is explained for readers to try, and extended reading suggestions along with complementary websites are listed at the end of the book.

Curriculum Connections:

Life science- needs of living things

Plant structure and life cycle

Scientific investigation

Reading for information

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