Wolfie the Bunny

Wolfie the Bunny

Title:  Wolfie the Bunny

Author:  Ame Dyckman

Illustrator:  Zachariah Ohora

When a baby wolf shows up on a bunny family’s doorstep, Mama and Papa bunny are thrilled and welcome him into their home. Their daughter Dot is less excited. Dot, in fact, is convinced that her new baby brother is going to eat them all for dinner. As Wolfie grows bigger and bigger (not to mention hungrier and hungrier), Dot becomes more and more suspicious. But when Dot and Wolfie meet a bully at the grocery store, Wolfie shows Dot that he is not the monster she thinks he is. This is a sweet, funny story about acceptance and what makes a family a family.

Curriculum Connections:
Animal behaviors

Family structures

Making comparisons

Predicting outcomes


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