The Mixed-Up Chameleon

Mixed up chameleon

Title: The Mixed-Up Chameleon

Author: Eric Carle


One day, a chameleon goes to the zoo.  After seeing all of the beautiful and interesting animals there, he starts wishing he was something else- like a polar bear!  Each time he wishes that he becomes a different animal, his body becomes more and more mixed up.  Soon, he has wings like a flamingo, a shell like a turtle, and a long neck like a giraffe.  The chameleon becomes very hungry.  Will he be able to catch a fly?  Eric Carle takes readers on a colorful mixed-up journey through a day in the life of this beloved chameleon who learns that maybe he is just fine the way he is.

Curriculum Connections:

Life Science-

Animal and plant use of external parts to survive, grow, and meet


Diversity of life

Classifying living organisms according to variations on physical


Reading and language arts-

Retelling stories in sequence

Using illustrations to describe characters, setting, or events.

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