Don’t Wake Up the Tiger

This is the post for Monday, October 16th.  Tuesday’s post will be available at 2pm.

Dont Wake Up the Tiger

Title:  Don’t Wake Up the Tiger

Author:  Britta Teckentrup


Like Teckentrup’s previous book, Get Out of My Bath!, Don’t Wake Up Tiger is full of action and asks readers to participate in the story by following directions. You have to pet Tiger’s nose, rub her tummy, and even rock the book to lull her back to sleep. The illustrations are gorgeous, with lots of bright colors and the illusion of different textures. The bright, shiny balloons actually do have a different, smoother texture than the other illustrations, making it a fun book just to hold and explore.

Curriculum Connections:

Position of objects in space

Prediction outcomes

Problem solving

Relative size

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