The Dot

The Dot

Title: The Dot

Author: Peter H. Reynolds


Vashti was having trouble coming up with something to draw in art class.  After class, she sat at her chair with an empty piece of paper.  Her teacher lovingly tells her to “just make a mark and see where it takes you.”  Vashti jabs the paper with her pencil and makes a dot.  Her teacher has her sign the dot artwork, and the following week Vashti’s dot is hanging in a golden frame above her teacher’s desk.  Vashti is determined to make better dots than the one her teacher displayed, so she sets out to use her never-before-opened box of watercolors.  She mixes colors and experiments, and even displays her work at the school art fair.

This book is a great motivational story to inspire creativity in kids, and help them to see their unique inner artists!

Curriculum Connections:

Art- colors



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