Sounds All Around

Sounds all Around

Title: Sounds All Around

Author: Wendy Pfeffer

Illustrator: Anna Chervyshova


Have a blast clattering pans, snapping your fingers, and clapping your hands!  Sounds All Around invites readers not only to make different noises, but to understand how they are made.  It’s all about vibrations! The colorful pages smartly illustrate how although we can’t see sound, sound waves move through solids, liquids and the air to our ears where tiny bones vibrate allowing us to hear.

Readers will learn how humans and animals use sounds to communicate.  Do you know how a bat uses echoes?  How do people use echoes?  Can a sound be measured?

A glossary is incorporated in the back of the book, and to make sound even more fun, a Sounds Matching Game suggestion is included, along with ideas for kids to further explore sounds.

Curriculum Connections:



Scientific exploration


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