The Fog

The Fog

Title: The Fog

Author:  Kyo Maclear

Illustrator: Kenard Park


Warble is a small yellow bird who loves to people-watch. He sits in his tall tree with a pair of binoculars or his telescope and documents his sightings. He sees various types of humans like Behatted Bibliophilic Females and Bald-headed Glitzy Males. One day his happiness is interrupted by fog. No one knows where the fog came from or when it will go away. Warble can no longer people-watch; in fact, he can barely see what’s right in front of him! None of the other birds seem to be concerned about the fog. Just as the frustrated Warble is about to give up, he stumbles upon a Red-hooded Spectacled Female (Juvenile) who can also see the fog! What will happen if the fog never lifts? Can people on the other side of the island see the fog?

Curriculum Connections:

Science –Observation, Investigation, Solution



Scientific Method

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