The Blue Whale

The Blue Whale

Title: The Blue Whale

Author:  Jenni Desmond


Absorbingly gorgeous and thoroughly accurate, this non-fiction picture book will draw children in as they learn about the life of the blue whale.  The book is chock full of interesting facts and relatable comparisons such as; a single breath from a blue whale could inflate 2,000 balloons; the stream of water blown from a whale’s blowhole is as tall as 9 seven-year-old boys!  Kids can easily imagine the enormous size of the blue whale when they learn that 50 people can fit inside of its mouth. Fortunately, for people, whales don’t eat them!  The Blue Whale will mesmerize kids, and get them asking and exploring more about the planet’s creatures.

Curriculum Connections:

Diversity of life

Needs of living things




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