Small, Medium, Large

Today with the Parks and YMCA campers, we focused on size.  First, we read the book Small, Medium, Large by Emily Jenkins.


It is a really cute picture book with descriptive words and illustrations for small, medium, and large sized critters.  We read this book because we used Shrink Film and compared sizes of different items.  Shrink Film starts out as a full sheet of plastic paper that the kids decorate with sharpies or other permanent writing utensils.  After they have designed one,  their sheet is placed in the oven and the kids watch them for a couple of minutes.

The film shrinks and curls up to make a different size and shape.  The kids were impressed and thought the whole process of the heat shrinking the plastic was interesting and they had questions about how it was possible.

The sheet starts out looking like this:


Here are some pictures of the instructions, the kids watching, and some final products.


Another station included sand art.  I couldn’t think of anything in our building that was smaller than a grain of sand.  The kids had the option of sand necklaces, sand jars, or glue pictures with sand added.


An old standby is the perler bead station.  If the kids wanted, they could design perler bead art.  We have several patterns that they can fill.  After a pattern is full, we apply an iron and wax paper so that the beads fuse together.  They can then keep whatever they have made.


Finally, for those who just can’t stand arts and crafts, I always try to include some sort of building station.  I had straw connectors and Lego pieces out today.


Leah Dresser

Children’s Librarian

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