Parks and Puppies

This week we read This Book Just Ate My Dog by Richard Byrne  and Puppy Pool Party!: An Underwater Dogs Adventure by Seth Casteel. These and other great books can be placed on hold by clicking on the blue links above. 

Dogs and puppies are always a favorite theme so this week we built dog houses, created growing pups, and gave our tiny toy dogs some much needed baths!

We used Straws and Connectors to build homes for our dogs. One boy even made a rocket ship and airplane for his pup!  We made cubes and talked about other 3 dimensional shapes we could create from the Straw and Connectors such as rectangular prisms and pyramids. We noticed our pyramids didn’t look quite right because they were bent and not perfectly straight as they should be.


Paper dogs were created by gluing accordion folded paper to the head and behind of the paper dog. The accordion fold made our dogs longer when unfolded and shorter when the paper was folded. This craft seems simple but it takes a lot of patience and concentration to learn how to fold the paper correctly.


Our last station was the dog wash water table. The water was colored blue with food coloring but you can’t tell because of all the foamy shaving cream we used to clean the dogs! Rubber basting brushes, eye droppers, and measuring cups were available for play along with the colored doggy manipulatives.

Next week our Parks post we will be completely different from out MAPS program so be sure to check it out!

Haley Downer

Children’s Assistant

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