Weekly Update

We definitely have had a fun filled week so far.  On Monday, I visited the Daycare.  We played Bingo, which is great for number and letter recognition, as well as following directions.  The kids were especially excited because if they won, they got to choose free pretzels from Ben’s Pretzels or a pegboard game.  IMG_5142

They seemed to love being the bingo caller the most using our awesome bingo cage.


After that, the kids had the choice of kinetic sand, magic nuudles, or putting beads in styrofoam to make a design.



Magic Nuudles are awesome in case you haven’t tried them.  The directions are simple, just add water to a sponge or paper towel, and then dip the magic nuudles.  The nuudles then join together.

After daycare, Haley and I headed to Rome City to do a painting class.  The plan was to sketch outside and then paint inside, but the weather had other ideas.  Only one family ended up sketching outside, everyone else sketched and painted inside.  We called the program Scenes on Sylvan and the families were able to paint Sylvan Lake.  The paintings turned out awesome.   I’m always excited to see the talent in our community.

Here are a couple of photos from this event:




Haley had Parks on Tuesday and they did quite a few building activities.  The kids used magic nuudles, played in the water table, and built amazing ramps.


Wednesday, we had our Mario Kart Race.  The kids brought boxes that they had designed, engineered, and decorated at home to the library.  We had an obstacle course set up with silly string, and the kids ran the course in their Mario Karts.

We had a few box malfunctions from wear and tear, so we worked together to construct boxes that would withstand rough treatment.  The kids used measuring and engineering skills to figure out how long to make the straps.



We have a really fun video of this event, but my phone is refusing to send it.  Be on the lookout for videos next week, since we upgraded our blog to add video 🙂

We do family painting classes here quite often, and I decided to try it on my own with the Parks Department and YMCA kids.  I found a simple picture of a panda and we tried it out.

We use Scholastic Canvas and acrylic paint.  The kids follow step by step sketching instructions and then we pass out paint.


Here are some finished products:


Sorry this is so long.  We will try to split it up more next week.

Leah Dresser

Children’s Librarian












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