Beep Beep Bugs

Our local Parks Department brings their kindergarten and first grade group to the library once a week for an hour. During this time we read a book or two, check out books, play, and create. Since MAPS is held right before this program I usually keep some of those stations the same and add a few new elements in. You can see more about our MAPS program by going to

This week stations consisted of hat decorating, wheelie bug building, magnatiles, and a variety of race track and building toys. Several of the stations included new toys these children had never used before. I was so impressed with how quickly they figured out how these toys worked and how well they created as a team.




We colored wheelie bugs using sharpie markers and added chenille stems for antennae. This led to a discussion about bug parts and what they do, how many legs they have, etc. The wheels are added by pressing nails into the styrofoam body of the bug. This demonstrates how a wedge can be used to connect items as well as separate them.

20160614_130402 (1)

We had so much fun I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked. One of the toys I did not get a photo of was the Giant Roller Ramps from Lakeshore Learning featured in a previous post.


Haley Downer

Children’s Assistant

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