Play Day at Rome City

Today was our first day hosting a Play Day at our Limberlost Branch in Rome City.  Not knowing what age range would show up, I was unsure of what to bring, so I brought some old favorites including kinetic sand, wood blocks, contraptions, and straw connectors.

Kinetic sand has to be one of the best inventions for kids on earth.  Preschoolers, elementary aged kids, teenagers, and even adults seem to love it.  It is a type of movable sand that can also stick together.  We like to add plastic animals, scissors, stamp imprints, melon ballers, and all sorts of other toys with ours.

The kids made a volcano, ant hills, and melting snowmen.

IMG_5026 (1)


These are blocks made from real trees.  The card that came with the blocks indicated that they were made by elves 🙂

We purchased ours from Lakeshore Learning.


Straw Connectors were a big hit and are great for improving problem solving skills and encouraging creative engineering.

We had wheels, bridges, roller coasters, and even chairs built with ours.


These two spent the entire hour constructing ramps.  It took a few tries, but eventually, they were able to successfully knock over Their target.


Leah Dresser

Children’s Librarian



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