Puppies, Building, and Ramps- Oh, My!

I took a field trip to the school aged kids at Kendallville Day Care today.  It was so much fun.  I read a book called “How to Be a Dog” by Jo Williamson, which the kids loved.  After we read, each child got to decorate a stuffed puppy using fabric markers.  We purchased them from Oriental Trading Company, and they were a big hit.


I gave each child a giant chenille stem so that they could construct a leash.  Here is a picture of all of the completed dogs and leashes:


After the art portion of the visit, we decided to build a little bit.  The library just ordered a set of Giant Roller Ramps from Lakeshore Learning.  Everyone seemed to love building and engineering each section of the ramp.  It was exciting to watch the students realize that that they had to problem solve and then make a couple of changes in order for the ball to successfully move down the ramps.


I love using a set of blocks called Contraptions.  We got our set from  United Art and Education, but they can easily be purchased from Amazon.

Some kids stacked, some made bridges, and some tested balancing skills while building with these blocks.



Leah Dresser

Children’s Librarian



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