Welcome to STEAMTales

The staff of the Kendallville Public Library plans and coordinates programs for children from birth to grade five.  In almost every program we present, we try to incorporate at least one aspect of STEM.  STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math.  We value the importance of art as well, so some of our posts will be art related, making STEM into STEAM.

We have discussed starting a blog so that parents and children alike are able to check in and see what we are working on, and it is finally happening.  During the school year, we will update this blog with lesson plans, pictures, and details from various grade level activities.

Because it is summer, and we are not visiting classes, our posts will be about summer reading programs held here and at Rome City, the activities we do for the Parks Department and local daycare students who visit us weekly, and some of our activities from MAPS sessions.

On Monday, June 6th, the Kendallville Day Care visited us for our first summer session.  Our main activity was learning about tie-dye and then we tie dyed bags together.  We used the Tulip One Step Tie Dye kit from United Art and Education, and it was very successful, minus staff member hands turning blue.

In groups of four, we had the kids pick a cloth bag, write their name on it, pick a swirl pattern, rubber band the shirt, and then start the dye process.  This project helped introduce the topic of absorption, as we didn’t want our end product to be too messy or leak under gloves.


While the small groups tie dyed, other visitors worked with engineering Lego creations and  building and creating with kinetic sand.


As a treat at the end, we got out the much loved parachute.  We let each student run underneath the parachute and dance when his or her name was called and then played red light, green light, yellow light, orange light.

Red means stop.  Green means go.  Yellow means slow down.  Orange means jump.

Our culminating activity was camping.  We lift the parachute on the count of three and then quickly sit on the handles.  When everyone sits on the handles, the parachute turns into a tent.  When we scoot in, the parachute gets higher.  While underneath, we sang “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”


Leah Dresser

Children’s Librarian



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